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Two days ago I heard MI had broken it’s record for January snow fall. It’s sad to think we’ve had all this snow and might not get a snowman snow this Winter. Still time yet though….

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Happy Sigh

Had awesome first dream last night of getting to go on a “shuttle” into space to the ISS. Made it into space enough where we could see the whole of Earth from the big front window (I know, ISS is … Continue reading

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Don’t Stop the LEGO

How do you build LEGO in a house where little hands mean you can’t leave the sorted pieces out waiting for their turn to be used? Viola! It’s sorted by type, closes, and travels! I got all of the pieces … Continue reading

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Mama Bear

(It’s a start:) I birthed my child, She is part of me So I know My glad responsibility To protect from harm Be it outside or in My Little Love’s life And heart, mind, and limb From dangers to strangers, … Continue reading

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So I go to Google today to look up something. And here’s what I see. Huh? What are they celebrating today? I mouse-over it and – WOAH! Cool :)

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2013 Christmas Letter

Dear Family and Friends, Ran out of time to write this letter. Kind of the theme of the year: time disappearing. Whole months it seemed three times this year. But here are the highlights. Amber has always been observant. She’s … Continue reading

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Mmm, rain

While I do love snow, I also enjoy the sound of rain. Reminds me of being a kid and lying on the floor next to the bath tub while waiting for the water to warm up. The bath mat was … Continue reading

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Full Count!

I’m planning to donate blood (whole, not platelets) on my birthday again this year. It’s so odd to me I didn’t donate at all in 2013…. I know it’s because I didn’t feel I had the time to do platelet … Continue reading

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