Halloween Type Stuff

Weekend was great. Halloween party was a big success! Playing catch-up on life, as I spent almost all of last week sewing Amber’s costume, finishing my costume, and prepping for two events. Of course trying to catch-up on life when you didn’t have time to begin with is a challenge.

I ended up deciding to make Amber’s costume as a small matter of pride. My Nana made costumes for her kids and her grandkids, my Mom made costumes for my brother and I, and I have made costumes in the past for myself and last Halloween for Amber. Not only can I do it, I want to do it. It’s one thing I know I can do for my child and pass on to my child. It’s something she deserves. And yes, it’s also for me too.

Side note: Ghostbusters is still an excellent movie. I forgot how well done it was (especially given the special effects of the time), how solid the story is (assuming you buy into the premise), and how much people used to smoke in general.

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