Government Shutdown Over

Yay! Government shutdown is over! NASA is back! EPA can start preventing corporations from polluting again! Unnumbered workers can get paid again! And so much else I’m missing.

I’m glad its over, glad we aren’t defaulting, and VERY glad the only change to the Affordable Care Act is the addition of an income verification measure (which makes perfect sense, why wasn’t that included to begin with?).

Warning: Political ramble below. Stop reading now if you don’t care.

Tea Party lost against ACA again, now for the 4th time. I know they haven’t figured out their stance isn’t what the American people want, that they’re going to try again. Likely in December, right before or during Christmastime when a majority of the population will be preoccupied and not paying attention. But for now, good. Making it to 2014 with ACA intact is a hugely important step, maybe the most important. Now we’ve just got to get to 2015 with ACA intact, and it will prove itself and then they won’t have any population support for repeal.

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