Lost the Camera

Had a fun time at the apple orchard yesterday with Amber, my Dad, and Colette!

Would have been a great day if I hadn’t lost my camera. Thankfully pumpkin carving had caused me to remove the memory card with pics from the last 6-8 months, and clear off a different memory card for use. So I only lost about 2 weeks of pictures. Though there were some really cute ones on there…. (And, it turns out, Reese’s 3rd birthday party)

But it’s the loss of hardware, the camera itself, that has been disappointed and sad. Won’t be able to replace it for a while, so no new pictures for probably 6 months (outside of what relatives take on the holidays). *sigh* I’ll make sure to do the daycare Fun Fridays with my not-so-nice camera phone, but otherwise yeah.

Addendum: I was over feeling sad about the loss until I saw the camera in pictures taken by others. I REALLY liked that camera. It’s the one I bought while pregnant when the last one broke and I was taking daily pictures of my belly. It was a mega-zoom that compacted to fit in my pocket or almost anywhere! And it wasn’t cheap. I think that was the problem, how much money I had cost myself by loosing it, or will have cost myself when I get around to replacing it.

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