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And now I don’t want to shop at Meijer anymore. I just saw, on Halloween, a Christmas commercial for that store.

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Halloween Type Stuff

Weekend was great. Halloween party was a big success! Playing catch-up on life, as I spent almost all of last week sewing Amber’s costume, finishing my costume, and prepping for two events. Of course trying to catch-up on life when … Continue reading

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My Goddaughter took 1st place for horse riding in the Illinois Special Olympics!! From Sherrone: My girl took 1st place!!! Way to bring home the gold, baby!!!!!

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Halloween time

It finally feels like Halloween time. I’ve been having problems with that this year, partially because how in the world is it already October? It was just August! But so much so that I didn’t even get my decorations up … Continue reading

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Lost the Camera

Had a fun time at the apple orchard yesterday with Amber, my Dad, and Colette! Would have been a great day if I hadn’t lost my camera. Thankfully pumpkin carving had caused me to remove the memory card with pics … Continue reading

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Government Shutdown Over

Yay! Government shutdown is over! NASA is back! EPA can start preventing corporations from polluting again! Unnumbered workers can get paid again! And so much else I’m missing. I’m glad its over, glad we aren’t defaulting, and VERY glad the … Continue reading

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Government Shutdown Update

The parties came together this weekend to reduce the number of people affected by over 75% and to ensure all furloughed workers will receive back pay once the government reopens (bill pending in Senate). While this is great news, and … Continue reading

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I recently realized Kevin’s page hasn’t been memorialized by Facebook. So I just put in the request. They wanted a link to his obituary. Two things I noticed: 1) The obit used the picture I took of Kevin in front … Continue reading

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So I have just determined, with some certainty, that it is a raccoon that has been pooping on my back deck for over a week now. How long in total? I don’t know, we don’t go out there a lot. … Continue reading

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Holidays in Space

:) There’s even a St. Patty’s Day pic in there, as well as Chinese New Year and Easter, and of course Christmas and Thanksgiving. Holidays in Space: An Astronaut Photo Album

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