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Government Shutdown?

I just remember years back when the MI government wouldn’t pass a balanced budget and Governor Granholm threatened to shut down the state government if they didn’t do it by midnight of a certain date. Well, they didn’t do it, … Continue reading

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Beef up my Halloween DVD collection

Note to self: Time to start figuring out how to beef up my Halloween DVD collection. Movies I need to get include – - Monsters, Inc – Little Monsters (Fred Savage and Howie Mandel) – Casper (Christina Ricci) – The … Continue reading

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OMG, came across a quote today that I love. Also sounds like a good sermon title to me. Darcy? Kimberly? “Churches are Hospitals for sinners, NOT Country Clubs for saints.” – Janie Chappell

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Medications vs Insurance

Why do insurance companies not want to cover the version of common medications I need? Cholesterol: it has to be Crestor. Not only are my numbers so high to warrant it, eating super low fat diet and exercising (which had … Continue reading

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Growing Plants-Yard-Garden

This growing year has been so good and long, that all my plants are doing GREAT. What I thought was a crab apple tree in the back yard (one of the two intertwined trees), the apples on it are Red … Continue reading

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Craft Fail

Remember this SO CUTE craft that circled Facebook back in May-ish? I just spent like 1/2 hour trying to track it down, but couldn’t. The version from FB had three steps on it on how to achieve this so great … Continue reading

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Pretty Isn’t Easy, I Don’t Get the Credit

Last year I spent a lot of energy, and time, getting rid of the Buckthorne on my property. The result was a whole lot of bushes, and even a couple small trees, on my property are no longer being crowded … Continue reading

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AncestryDNA Results

- The African is well known, assuming you have met my Mom and have eyes (though West Africa is cool to know) – The British Isles is well known as my Aunt Bonnie has done the family history on my … Continue reading

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I want to write. I NEED to write… *sigh* no time

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