Been meaning to post this, the birds this morning reminded me again:

Only a few days into August, and I saw trees whose leaves were lighter green than normal (indicating they were going to turn colors soon). But it seemed to be just one type of tree, so I figured maybe just that one kind was having an early year. It’s been a long and strong growing season, perhaps they’re tired.

The next day I saw a group of birds flying towards the South. But they weren’t in formation, so I figured maybe the direction was a coincidence.

A few days after Aug. 15th, I saw the first set of birds flying in V formation Southwards. And a more than normal of loose leaves were turning brown on my lawn.

Aug 19 or 20th: A small group of leaves on the massive Sugar Maple on the corner have turned bright yellow. The next day another group of leaves on the tree are yellow. Another group of birds flying V formation South…

Guess what, Fall is coming!

As of yesterday, I’ve seen trees starting to turn red and yellow. I’ve seen just under a dozen V formations heading South. So I realized:

Fall isn’t coming, it’s here. A little early. That’s okay.

Then today I realized: Birds don’t fly South at the start of Fall. They fly South when Fall is ending and Winter is coming. Granted I haven’t seen the volume overhead yet that we get every year. But the fact that some have already started, in August, is likely an early indicator of something.

Winter is coming. Early. You’ve been warned

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