Psst – I Still Dislike Summer

Ugh, this heat is making my sick, literally. I was sick to my stomach on Sunday noon-time. It took an hour or more of just sitting inside before I felt better.

Yesterday evening, I was out mowing the lawn at 9:10pm. (I had planned to mow Sunday during Amber’s nap, but see above paragraph.) The temperature was supposedly 78 degrees – YEAH RIGHT. I spent around 45 min mowing the lawn, got a little more than half done, and was soaked before I was done. Those who know me well, know I don’t sweat easily, or that much. Damn heat and humidity.

This morning it was 82 degrees at 8am. *sigh* Only going to get hotter…

And yet, this is just slightly warmer than normal for this time of year.  Bah.  I’m just glad our first heat wave this Summer held off this long.  Hopefully it will be the only heat wave this year!

(This isn’t my first time complaining about the heat this Summer, just the first time I’ve posted my complaints, and the first time this Summer we’ve had such high humidity when we’ve broken 90 degrees.

I should add, that this is the first time this Summer I’ve felt I’ve had to keep Amber inside.  Earlier hot days were just warmer than my threshold – I start melting at 85 degrees -, and I mostly was okay with dealing with it when Amber wanted to play outside.  Or the day we went to the zoo!)

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