My Prediction for Summer

I’ve been meaning to post this for almost two months and just keep forgetting:Over the last 10(!) years of living in Livonia and now Ann Arbor, I’ve noticed that Summer trends Winter in SE MI. If Winter’s average, so is Summer. If Winter is too cold, Summer stays mild (aka cool). If Winter is mild (aka warm), Summer is too hot. Winter 2008-2009 when we had that random snow dump and then heat (I remember seeing the snow sublime) I think it was two times, we had an up and down temperature Summer follow. Three Winters ago we had a pretty good Winter but there were three random days of 50+ and even 60 degree weather in Winter, that Summer was pretty normal except for three-ish random days near/over 100 degrees. The Winter before last was extremely mild (aka above average temp the whole time) and then we hit 80 degrees in Feb. for several days. What happened last Summer? It was very hot (aka above average temp the whole time) and then in August we were over 100 degrees for 7 to 9 days. That’s unheard of here!

This past Winter was a decent Winter (not a lot of snow, but at least some! We would have called it a light Winter if not for the two years previous having had little to no snow at all which people got used to), until we nose dived into near 0 degree temperatures for a few weeks in January into start of February. So here’s my prediction for Summer this year: A pretty good Summer (for all of you who actually like those mid-80 degree temps) ending in a long cool entrance into Fall. It might actually seem like Autumn starts early this year. But I expect to be quite happy with the last few weeks of Summer this year.

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  1. trekker9er says:

    About two weeks in August were (delightfully to me) cool. It’s been back in the 80s the last week, but tress are starting to show their colors and some birds are starting to head South. Seems like Autumn is starting early… ;)

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