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Achievements Galore!

One Proud Godmother right here! I just got an email from my lovely Goddaughter Sahara that she did so well in her horse show that she made it into the Special Olympics in October!!! AHHHH! I’m so happy for her! … Continue reading

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They say I was 7 when I was found. That I stared fiercely at the butcher until the guard showed up, and would tell them nothing more than that (my age) and my name. But I remember much more. I … Continue reading

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Second Coming

Last night’s dream was one of those story dreams I’d love to write down. I’m trying to hang on to as much detail as possible until I get a chance (yeah right). But I know I already lost at least … Continue reading

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My Prediction for Summer

I’ve been meaning to post this for almost two months and just keep forgetting:Over the last 10(!) years of living in Livonia and now Ann Arbor, I’ve noticed that Summer trends Winter in SE MI. If Winter’s average, so is … Continue reading

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Minor epiphany over the weekend

I’ve been having Amber and I eat dinner outside when the weather’s nice. On Saturday we got to do that twice. And as I was watching her drop crumbs, I realized that I don’t have a floor to clean afterwards…. … Continue reading

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