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(The Rise of Plastic)

Earth Smell/Taste Body/Physical
Air Hear Intellect
Fire See Will/Spirit
Water Touch Emotion
Plastic 6th sense Kinesthetic/proprioceptive

Elementalists are everywhere. While only 2% of the population, that’s still 1 out of every 50 people. Chances are you know more than one. Chances also are they aren’t very powerful, because they haven’t been trained to tap their potential. And why? Most likely because they haven’t been identified.
That’s where we come in. The Attuned.

(Elemental) Master – use of all four
(Elemental) Triplist – use of three
(Elemental) Dualist – use of two
Elementalist – use of one

Odd looks as walkng by. Shaking of head.
He’s not earth. (<–to self) Wait. No. He’s not earth. (backtracking steps)
You’re not earth. What are you?

Initially fear on all sides, older more grounded steps in to calm the crowd and assure the male he’s not being threatened.

Not Earth. Mobile solid. Sand, but not… sand is tiny and only moves in great numbers not mobile in and of itself. Glacier. Glacier. Mobile solid. It hurts….
(reguritated bits of clear solid, semi-reflective) Help her up, and away
Glacier? As in water and earth?! Amazing! A dualist! How about that, son, you’re a dualist!

A dualist! We haven’t had a new dualist in a long time!
You can’t announce him as that during the ceremony.
But it will be great cause for celebration!
And great ratings.
He’s not verified! She’s a novice. None of the other attuned noticed him. We have to bring in an expert.
We don’t have time for that, the ceremony is in a matter of hours!
What if she’s wrong, and you’re wrong? it’s not true?
People will care less about that than they will about the possible discovery. I saw we announce him.
I agree.
Me too.
You both are outnumbered, he’s in.

That stuff she threw up, it’s not ice.
I know.
It’s solid.
Which means Earth. So he’s not a dualist.
… I don’t know.
But you don’t sense it!
No, but I also don’t know what this means. Not yet. She’s not right… but, this isn’t the first aberration we’ve encountered.
What do you mean?
… I’ll get back to you.
What about the boy?
Let him walk, if that’s what they want. He’s still an elementalist.

Staring, concentrating, trying to puzzle through. Not earth… not water… movable solid. Like… bendable, flexible, not breaking… Rubber. He’s rubber.

Not fire. Hot glass.

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