Advent Women’s Evening 2012

On Dec. 13th I was a hostess at the Advent Women’s Evening at my church. I was semi-excited for it. Mostly I was doing it because it was a way to use my cool Christmas dishes. Then I read the description sent out to the women coming for dinner, which said “beautifully decorated tables”. Huh? I was to decorate my table too? Hmm…

Here’s what I came up with. It took me three times of decorating/setting the table. I ran out of ribbon and had to run out to the store for more, which put me 1/2 hour behind schedule. And then I still forgot silverware! Thankfully it all got set up the way I wanted, and I got Amber, got home to my Aunt not *too* late, and got back to the church just in time!

And yes, I intentionally dressed to match my table. I didn’t realize at first that I had a shirt that matches my dishes, but once I noticed it I made sure to wear it that day!

It was a very nice evening. And much needed by me. The music was wonderful (except for one song). All the tables were fun to look at. And I had four excellent women at my table. It was supposed to be 7, but one got sick and 2 just didn’t show up. Two of the women sitting next to me on my right were such fun! And the woman sitting on my left was so nice and a good listener.

I’m definitely hostessing again next year. And Thanks to my family and Christmas, I have some new pieces to my dish set that I can use!

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Note to Self:
    Use clear glass candle holders next year! More candles, that stay up better.

    Also remember to go buy four more mugs, so people don’t have to use the tea cups.

    And maybe put M&Ms in the little bowls? Or a different treat in each??

    (And don’t I now have salt and pepper shakers in this set?)

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