Eradicate Polio, Yes Please

This woman, and her family, are awe inspiring. I will help her mission, somehow:

One Woman’s Mission: To Immunize Children Worldwide With the Polio Vaccine

“For more than a year, her mother massaged her daughter’s limbs every three hours, even in the middle of the night, to keep her muscles from atrophying.”

“The experience was eye-opening: “Moms walked for miles with their children, then lined up by the hundreds—all to get their kids vaccinated, Since there’s no cure for this disease, prevention is everything”

“No child should have polio today. Not when it is preventable by a few oral drops that cost just 60 cents.”

“I have had women come to me in secret, asking to have their children immunized—as long as their husbands never find out”

“If I’ve touched thousands of lives, so have the American volunteers who come with me—including a woman of 86 who was a real trouper. For me, and I think for them as well, it’s a privilege to do this work.”

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