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Monthly Blood Donation: March

Donation Date: March, 2012 My Appointment: 12:30pm Others? No. Here’s the recap: First I get a call from the Red Cross. Can I come an hour later? The donation center isn’t ready and will be running an hour behind. Sure, … Continue reading

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Hail, Hail, We’re All Here

We’re all fine. Holed up in Amber’s daycare with the kids and teachers. There was a tornado touch down in Dexter (NE of Ann Arbor), and a funnel cloud in Saline (S of Ann Arbor). Us in the middle! But … Continue reading

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WOW! So I’m coordinating a blood drive at work with a co-worker. It’s only been 1.5 hours since she sent the email to sign up and 11 people have already made appointments! I love it!

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Obesity the major cause of Diabetes

This is SO important. Diabetes has been growing disproportionately to population growth in the U.S. Now we know why. Here are the most important snippets of the article, in my opinion: “one researcher describes as a hard-to-escape cycle of weight … Continue reading

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