Last Night’s Dreams

Last night I dreamt, twice, that I had some form of Expressive aphasia. I could understand perfectly well everyone around me, and I thought I was talking in English, but no one could understand me. I started using sign language and gestures to try and communicate as the dream storyline progressed. The dreams had earth quakes in them, nearby but not usually where I was until the second dream. So in the first dream I was simply confused. In the second one I started to get worried that I had hit my head and didn’t know it, so I started looking for a hospital. Getting directions was not at all easy!

But the weirdest part was when I came across a guy who only spoke Japanese. I didn’t understand him, but he clearly understood every word I said! He was very happy to meet me, and laughed with me as we apparently had a conversation that only he understood! I was just glad to find out I wasn’t completely messed up, though why I was suddenly speaking in Japanese – which I don’t know – but could still understand English, was beyond me.

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