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It’s official. Amber is lactose intolerant. My poor baby…

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It has been 1 Neptunian year since Neptune was discovered. That is all

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Last Night’s Dreams

Last night I dreamt, twice, that I had some form of Expressive aphasia. I could understand perfectly well everyone around me, and I thought I was talking in English, but no one could understand me. I started using sign language … Continue reading

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4th Grey Hair

Grey hair #4 found in my hair brush today as I finished up brushing. Ah well. The first three were all spotted last year around the start of my third trimester. Someone said it was the baby. I disagreed and … Continue reading

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From All Of Us

For All Of Them. The closeout crew says it all and best:

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Shuttle launches in 5 minutes!

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That’s the second night in the last week that I’ve dreamed I was pregnant. Far enough along that the baby could be felt kicking by others, and the kicking could be seen in the form of a little foot or … Continue reading

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