Even a small part of history is important

This is the kind of thing I’d love to do. Wish I’d thought of. I want to be involved with NASA so much. Any other great ideas out there I could use? Longtime NASA tradition tied to North Texas

[Mark] Shelton has never worked for NASA, but he is responsible for one of its longest traditions. Every time NASA launches a shuttle, Shelton sends roses to Mission Control at the Johnson Space Center in Houston.

Each rose represents every astronaut in space at the time. Shelton said he orders an extra white flower to represent the astronauts who have perished over the years.

He has sent a bouquet for every mission since 1987, the one following Challenger.

“They don’t get much attention in the media when things are going well,” Shelton said of NASA. “But it’s every bit as dangerous… every single [flight]. We wanted a way to give them a low-key reminder that the public cares.”

NASA cares, too.

NASA Flight Director Milt Heflin said the flowers mean so much because no one asked for them. They weren’t expected.

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  1. Mark Shelton says:

    Hi. Thanks for posting this. It’s nice finding like-minded folks who are vocal about NASA. The tradition will continue. Right now, after every flight, the roses are carried from the Shuttle control room to the ISS control room. From now on, they’ll go directly to the ISS control room. Godspeed! mark

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