The Space Shuttles – Two Videos

Two important videos here.

The first is a glam look at the history of the space shuttle: how the program started, all the big firsts along the way to its success, what goes into a launching a shuttle, some choice moments, and what the shuttle program has contributed to the world back on Earth. Up through mission number STS-134 (which hasn’t launched yet). Some interesting knowledge in here!

The second is a jumbled time line of all the space shuttle missions and their individual purposes, followed by a look at each of the five orbiters*. Very historical, but limited to just the missions.

[The History of] The Space Shuttle – Narrated by William Shater

Remembering the Space Shuttle Program – No narration, lots of reading

* An orbiter is a shuttle that made it into space. There are actually six space shuttles: one prototype/test flier and five orbiters.

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