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Our Rovers

Yesterday we said good-bye to Spirit, the Mars rover. No farewell, for the end has occurred. :( Spirit landed on Mars in January of 2004. A seven year run for a rover designed for a three month mission is amazing. … Continue reading

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The Space Shuttles – Two Videos

Two important videos here. The first is a glam look at the history of the space shuttle: how the program started, all the big firsts along the way to its success, what goes into a launching a shuttle, some choice … Continue reading

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Food Super Power?

Apparently one of my super powers is the ability to throw together a good dinner on no notice, even though I normally am not even a decent cook.

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What NASA’s Been Up To

Here are some little-spread things from NASA from the last couple years that are way cool: The Completed Stardust-NExT Mission: “After traveling 3.5 billion miles, the Stardust spacecraft made history by capturing images of asteroid Annefrank, collecting samples of comet … Continue reading

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I love flowers on Mother’s Day, BUT

I love flowers on Mother’s Day, BUT What I really need is a radio alarm clock that resets itself after a power outage.   Chocolates are a nice idea on Mother’s Day, BUT Having the side lawns mowed would last … Continue reading

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