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Today – I’m a celebrity!

Today I held a Space Shuttle heat shield tile. I was asked for my autograph by dozens of third graders. I saw a fun solar system presentation. I visited my old elementary school, in doing so I revisited memories and … Continue reading

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Bedtime Perceptions

I find it interesting that my non-parent friends think starting bedtime routine with Amber at 9:30 is early, while some of my parent friends and higher generation family members think starting bedtime at 9:30 is late.

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I Made Baby Food

First impression: I’m in over my head First I made Banana. One ripe banana did not puree well, even in my new fancy blender! Now that it’s all over, I think perhaps I should have put some water in with … Continue reading

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I’ve been looking forward to Spring this year. First time that I can remember that I’ve actually wanted Winter to end. Not that I really do, but what I want is to be able to take Amber outside – easy … Continue reading

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Celebrate! Illinois abolished the death penalty!

Illinois just abolished the death penalty. This morning! I’m very happy for this :) If you don’t know why I’m opposed to the death penality, I’ve already posted twice on that in years past. Once emotionally, in my 1997 – … Continue reading

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ISS Assembly!

This is so cool. It’s the assembly of the International Space Station up until today, and the soon to come additions. Awesomeness! (In the true sense of the word :) )

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Shuttle Discovery On Its Final Voyage

I watched the final launch of Discovery live last week at work with a couple friends. Here are three videos to celebrate. Two are previous discovery launches: August 2009 (an excellent night launch official video by NASA) and April 5, … Continue reading

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