Birthday, hmm

So here’s what I want for my birthday this year:
– a free day off work to spend with my daughter
– 9 hours of uninterrupted sleep
– to not have to leave the house the whole day

Ah well.

I haven’t arranged a birthday party this year yet either. I just haven’t brought myself to do it yet. Too much other stuff keeps taking priority, as well as I’m not really sure I want a house full of people sapping away time. I really like when people come visit Amber and I. But a large group doesn’t give us much quality time with individuals, if any, and I loose the time all the people are over from doing anything else with it – including spending it with Amber.

It’s kinda the same reason as much as I’d like to see a movie in the theater for my birthday, I really don’t want to: because it’s time I could have been spending with Amber and I get so little of that already between work, grocery shopping, and house tasks.

I had two parties last year, so not having one this year balances out anyway. Right?

I think I’ll try to make our sugar cookies for myself, instead of a cake. Dad said he’d buy one for me this year anyway :) I didn’t get as many as I wanted over Christmastime, and I really want to make some for a few neighbors who have done things I feel deserve tangible thanks.

If you want to come by this weekend at any point to celebrate my birthday, I’ll gladly have you. Who actually wants to be alone on their birthday? But it’ll be low-key and informal. Call first to be sure we’ll be home.

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