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Do the Shuttle Crawl!

This made me smile, a lot. I didn’t realize the entire launch pad was moved, not just the shuttle and engines! “Slow and Steady”, the Shuttle Crawls to Launch Pad: Too bad this is it’s last mission, and the second … Continue reading

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Yeah, This Is Awesome DIY

Father and son film outer space, do-it-yourself style The video of this camera’s trip is Very Cool, and thinking on how they did it all and what they got for it is AWESOME! I’m putting in all links this video … Continue reading

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What’s Out There

This article says First Truly Habitable Planet Discovered, Experts Say, but that sounds like a headline I’ve heard before. And like every time a new release came out saying “Water on the Moon!” and I was like, didn’t we know … Continue reading

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See Nature and the ISS!

Outdoors Girl says it best in A space toy for folks in the dark: NASA and the National Park Service has teamed up to provide information on where and when it’s the best to see the ISS! (That’s International Space … Continue reading

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Life is so good :)

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