40 + 1

So I’m 1/2 cm dilated, if that. I’m hoping this means I’m starting to progress towards labor.

The “modified bed rest” has helped with the swelling, reversed the rapid weight gain, and helped my blood pressure. All good! I still have a hard time staying hydrated though.

Baby’s doing well. Still active, strong heartbeat, etc. The NST showed good accelerations, two right in a row even, but the nurse was waiting on calling it at first because two were immediately followed by decels. But another good accel happened, and my doctor called it good and sent me on.

Ultrasound estimates 7lb 5oz. With a delivery date of 9/17! WHAT?! That’s 1 day past 42 weeks! That’s… a little too long.

My doctor wants to induce on Wednesday, I’d go into the hospital Tuesday night. *sigh*

Please Baby, this weekend. Natural is always better…. I don’t want to end up in a c-section.

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