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Nursery Pictures

The almost-but-no-quite-finished nursery.  Sorry the pictures are dark.

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Symptoms, duo

A couple recent symptoms I forgot to mention: aching feet – I think it’s just all the added weight, but my poor feet!  I put them up when I think to, or even sometimes out of reflex.  But I only … Continue reading

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I already talked about the fatigue in my previous post: 34 weeks… wow. So yeah, I’m moving even slower now when walking.  Though I don’t waddle much, I mean it happens but not often like a lot of pregnant women … Continue reading

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34 weeks… wow

(Warning, this is way longer than I anticipated, but it’s because I haven’t been posting so it’s all in one big one now!  Actually, I’m breaking it into two.) So I’ve been wanting to post an update since 30 weeks.  … Continue reading

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Radiant Warmer

“Then we’ll put the baby over here, which has a radiant warmer, which heats the same way you heat french fries at a McDonald’s.” – Dr. Gary Emmett Lol, not really what I want to hear about what you’re going … Continue reading

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Diagnosis: Pityriasis rosea

So visited the dermatologist today to get the stitches from the biopsy out and my test results.  The pathologist said s/he thought my “rash” is an allergic reaction.  My Dermatology said she still thinks her original diagnosis of Pityriasis rosea … Continue reading

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