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First Grey Hair

Yesterday “morning” I was doing my hair for the baby shower, and as I was brushing the part into place on the top of my head I saw in the mirror a distinctly incorrect color in my hair.  This happens … Continue reading

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Tornado Watch #2

Sitting at the top of my basement stairs. The sky has been more light than dark the last hour, flickering constantly. (Now I know what a Halloween night is supposed to look like!) So interesting. I’d be interested to be … Continue reading

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Quote of the Time

Marriage advice from a man on his honeymoon for his second marrage: “At some point after my first marriage I realized that doing dishes half the time was better than doing them all the time.”

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Back Online…

Well, my blog is up on WordPress, more or less. I’m still migrating things so that this version is backwards compatible. We shall see how it goes.

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Summer Solstice

Happy Solstice everyone!

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Girl Name Is

Ashley? Heather? Lily? I thought my daughter’s name would be Amanda, but it’s not. I like Victoria too, but that’s not this baby either. I look at this picture of a tree on my wall that I made for Mom … Continue reading

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Sitting here watching my belly move. :)

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Lego Printer!

Everyone knows I love me some Legos. More awesomeness ensues when people do stuff like this! (Thanks for sharing Erin)

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