There’s no end…

I keep needing food today. I don’t understand. I eat, and still need more. All day I’ve been hungry, or felt sickish, or so low energy I can’t do anything. Then I eat, feel better, but am still hungry! I’ve had all my food for the day, plus extra I brought just in case, PLUS dinner and it’s only 5pm. I’m going to have… to eat again for dinner. But I’m hungry NOW still too! It’s been so much I’m nearly in tears…

Update 5:14pmCorrection, I am in tears :(

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  1. trekker9er says:

    Joan Wagner Hickey
    Hang in there Jen. =)
    May 6 at 5:17pm

    Kiley S Spade
    No no no, silly, YOU’RE not hungry, HE/SHE is hungry. I’m sorry you’re unhappy though! *hug*
    May 6 at 5:22pm

    Erica Gifford
    Feed the baby, honey, don’t worry about it. Keep in mind how far along you are and the growth rate at this time.
    May 6 at 5:25pm

    Erin Smith
    try filling the space with liquid. sometimes what you think is hunger is really thirst. and believe me, I know. it doesnt really help to tell you it’s normal, but milk (if you like it) is helpful. and make sure you’re getting enough carbs in.
    May 6 at 5:25pm

    Kisaya Rayne
    I second what Erin has to say, sometimes it’s really that you’re thirsty. Try drinking a lot of water and see if that helps. For many women, this happens in cycles during pregnancy. They can’t get enough food, then they’re just not terribly hungry. It’s just like growth spurts for children.
    May 6 at 5:44pm

    Laura James
    Sweetie your PREGNANT Enjoy it!!!!!
    May 6 at 5:47pm

    Jennifer Michelle German
    Erica: I don’t have any more food, it’s a 15 minute walk to the car, and nothing sounds good to eat anyway, but I’m still hungry. How can I not worry?

    A co-worker suggesting the vending machine in the basement, but is junk really better than not eating?

    Erin: I’ve been getting carbs, dairy, fruit, eggs/meat, even fat occasionally, the only thing that’s been short is veggies – though still more of those than I used to get before pregnancy. (cont:)… See More

    Rayne (You’re still Fox to me): When I need liquid I get thirsty, or crave chocolate when I need milk, or want strawberries since I’ve taken to having strawberry frozen juice bars as treats. This isn’t thirst, it’s hunger. I tried drinking water twice earlier anyway, as I was running out of food, didn’t help.

    Laura: I can’t enjoy it. I can barely taste the food need it in so fast. Just. Need. Food.

    Thanks all for being supportive. It’s just too much today… :( Hormones must be on the a high side….
    May 6 at 6:08pm

    Laura James
    I’m Sorry Jen Trust me it WILL Get better :) and the reward will be WORTH IT :)
    May 6 at 6:12pm

    Donnalyn Gaines
    Your having cravings..there might be something in your diet your missing. It could be something as simple as you need a little more salt. But I agree drink some milk, or water and see if that helps. The baby just has a big appetite that’s all :) Love ya! And if it’s getting you upset then yes a little junk from the vending machine is ok!
    May 6 at 6:39pm

    Jessie Pegg
    That’s why I referred to my growing babies as parasites. It wasn’t so bad with the first two but with Sean…oh my gosh…all I wanted to do was eat. Anything. Everything. And fast, like you’re saying. Go with it. Now is not the time to be worried about diet. I mean, you know, the all-Oreo diet is probably not the best, but you kind of just have to go with the flow. Feel your cravings, however weird they are, what you are craving will satisfy the need for whatever your body is missing. It knows what it needs and it will tell you. If you are really concerned about your cravings though, or if you’re craving things that are not food, talk to your doctor or perhaps a nutritionist….s/he can help you figure out what it is you’re lacking (e.g. pregnant women sometimes crave dirt when they have a mineral deficiency)
    May 6 at 8:17pm

    Jennifer Michelle German
    I craved my contact (saline) solution the other night. Kept thinking, “mmm, thirsty”. I didn’t drink it though. Got water from the tap instead. Didn’t think to put salt in it though. Hmmm

    So tonight just got worse. Cried on and off from 5pm until about 11pm, all different things, despite some good time in there with the Howell boys. Thankfully I finally found someone who knew exactly what I needed. Thanks Lisa. Mom was next on my list.
    May 6 at 11:44pm

    Cindy Warren
    I don’t pretend to know any answers or remember what I felt like but sometimes just getting outside and walking in nature helps with cravings and teary times.
    May 7 at 12:27am

    Lou-Ellen Barry
    Pregnancy was awful for me both times. If you need to talk or text me, (508)633-1826
    May 7 at 10:47am

  2. trekker9er says:

    Note: I removed the comment and the “likes this” from the only two men who responded because those made me unhappy. Clearly the male variety doesn’t understand what I was going through. It was not funny (male #1) nor likeable. Though perhaps male #2 was liking that things worked out in the end?

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