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Just got lots of LOOT. Or rather, the baby did. First time grandmothers go crazy :)

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What I do for a living

Want to know what I do at my job? Here’s a video my company made recently. It’s 3 and a half minutes, but you only need to watch to the 3 minute mark. (Oh, and I’m in it at the … Continue reading

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Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day all Moms, and Moms-soon-to-be!

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There’s no end…

I keep needing food today. I don’t understand. I eat, and still need more. All day I’ve been hungry, or felt sickish, or so low energy I can’t do anything. Then I eat, feel better, but am still hungry! I’ve … Continue reading

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Batty In Here

The house has bats. Lots of bats. Never good to hear the inspector open the attic door-thing and have a first reaction of “Woah”. Then the inspector climbs into attic, rounds a corner, and says “Oh crap.” I wouldn’t mind … Continue reading

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