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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

This Is Why I Rebuked Gardasil for the Girls In My Life

"Fresh concerns have also been raised about the safety of Gardasil in a study by the National Vaccine Information Centre in the US.

The centre compared reports of adverse health effects against a vaccine for meningitis, Menactra. It found two to three times as many health problems were reported in the case of Gardasil.

The centre said Gardasil was linked to at least twice as many emergency hospital visits as Menactra, four times as many death reports, five times as many "did not recover" reports and seven times as many "disabled" reports.

There were also 34 reports of thrombosis, 27 of lupus, 23 of blood clots, and 16 of stroke following Gardasil vaccine given without any other vaccination. Their report also found high incidences of fainting and seizures."

It was too new. Clinical studies are one thing, but only real world testing shows for sure. A vaccine needs to have been used for at least 5 years before I'd even consider it, 10 years makes me feel the best.

Yet doctors and schools and governments were pushing Gardasil hard core, almost to the point of requiring it by law, event hough they didn't even have enough data yet to guarantee it's safety! As I said, trials and lab testing can show safety, but not for an entire population. Only once it's in the entire population will you know for sure. And Gardasil has proved out my concerns over taking a new vaccine. Have you noticed they don't run commercials anymore? Not for a few months at least...


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