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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Monthly Blood Party: July

Platelet Donor July (2008) Pin Blood Party Date: July 13th

My Appointment: 10:45 am

Other Participants:

This month's incentive:
I'll get my once a month serving of red meat: A Big Boy!

New nurse again, the one I saw once before and said she was a new nurse, but this is the first time she was my nurse I believe. Livonia is getting more new nurses, and I haven't seen Diane (D..?) in a while, hm, I hope she hasn't been transfered or got a different job! (Unless it's better for her.) Dot's been there the last few times, I guess that's a whatever. Though Dot is very upbeat, which is nice. She's just not in my top three or so favorite nurses at donating.

The donation went very well. I say that with some surprise because the nurse didn't have to slow the machine down and I didn't set it off at all! I heard my nurse say to one of the others that I was doing well and she didn't want to say thing about it to me because I had told her the machine would have to be slowed down. All I needed was some tums. I wonder if all the exercise I've been getting the last three or so months is responsible. I've been walking to and from work almost since I started the job back in April, and I've lost weight because of it. Why couldn't it also be helping improve my veins' and arteries' tolerances, or just my circulation in general? Nice.

At the recovery table, one of the other donaters was there at the same time, which happens occasionally even if it's a Sunday (only Aphresis donations). But this guy was an AT&T salesman, and I became his next sale. Ugh. He kept saying how he closed 90% of the time *rolls eyes*. Maybe it was partially my fault for asking what he did and then sounding interested in it to begin with. It got to the point I really wanted to leave, but you're not supposed to before your time at the table is up. Just, junk (which means, even though the product is good, leave me alone!)

Oh, have I mentioned yet that I've decided I don't like this year's pins? Maybe that's why this donation and last I wasn't as motivated. They're just, eh. Hopefully once we get out of the Summer months they'll get a little better. January's (which I don't have posted) was cute, and April's was cute enough. But I'm not sure they really can do a whole lot better with the design being used this year. I really don't like that they can't be put together into a calendar. I've just been lining them up vertically. *shrugs*

I've got my July pin now :) Almost time to schedule my September Blood Party. Want to come? Let me know!



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