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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Not Exactly Cathing Up

So, I haven't been posting. Besides being soooo busy, I realized today that I'm actually experiencing life, instead of writing about it. I've had the problem even since I was little of living in the future, which doesn't look like a problem when you look at my life from the outside. But the downside is I've done a ton of stuff in my life, but probably only experienced half of it.

The upside of this is, I'm not going to take the time to catch up on writing about my life. I'm going to try to enjoy it, still, more, whatever. Which means some realizations, discoveries, cute things, and both happy and sad moments that shape who I am in small ways, all may end up being lost to time. But I'll give you a quick overview for the last two-ish months.

I've been mostly happy. There have been a couple down times, not counting the injuries. But the down times have mostly been very short lived. Except for two. One I'm not ready to make public. The other was one of my Godfathers died. Bruce Kirchner. Not officially a Godfather, as I have none, but one of those non-Uncles, and good family friends. He was my favorite "Aunt"'s husband, my Mother's godson's father, Bruce of Bruce and Marianne, whose home was my brother's "savior" during summer vacation in MI and our refuge from the country life we didn't like. A moment please.

Thank you.

Back injury was "healed" by rest. Left knee is getting worse, I have an appointment with an orthopedic in the morning.

I'm one more wisdom tooth lighter now. I decided to let the dentist pull it after seeing the new x-rays because it was growing into the side of the tooth in front of it. Pull went well, though on of the two roots broke off. We left it in, instead of trying to fish it out and risk pushing it up into my sinus.

I made the Deans list. I believe that's the first time in my life, Harvard didn't really have Deans lists for the undergraduates.

Lisa and I have gotten close, and I'm grateful and so happy. One more best friend in MI and I'll be near perfect. But, Emily and Lisa make my two best (female) friends, so perhaps there won't be another.?

Spending more time with family, which is good and generally happy. I need to dote on my goddaughter a little more :)

Work's going well. Tuesday will show if I've set up my future in the company they way I want to.

Bike riding feels like freedom.

I've specifically left one item out, don't want to jinx it or get anyone's hopes up (especially mine any more than they are).

Condo's not selling. But it's getting cleaner! Re-finance fell through. Communicating with Loss Mitigation now. If that doesn't work, next step might be my congressman.

Volunteering in the ER is good overall. Been 6 weeks, Thanked many times, touched at least three or four lives, helped more, gotten plenty of complements, met a lovely little 2 year old and had fun, and pissed off one person. Overall, good! I feel like I'm actually giving back to the community. Like I'm helping, more than just one friend at a time. It's amazing how long it took me to realize that if I want to help people I should go somewhere people need help.

I'm down to 175 pounds for the first time in a long while. I actually went under 175 one day a week-ish ago, for the first time in... 8 or more years. I'll definitely get under 175 again soon. Wonder if I can get to 170....

Some wonderful dreams, fun dreams, and of course the bizarre dreams (but not in a bad way), recently. I even made up a song in one, a good song. It fled too fast after I got out of that half-conscious state for me to write it down. *sigh* Surprisingly, the number of roleplay dreams is way down. Only a couple overall neutral ones, and no stress dreams, at least that I remember. Too bad my dreams are too involved to write down consistently. I'd love to have a dream diary.

Oh, yearly eye doctor appointment occurred. My eyes are no longer swollen! And are still healthy. Doctor seemed much calm about me and my habits this time, almost approving. Apparently I just should be giving my eyes more non-contact non-asleep time, about an hour a day. I asked about color contacts, and he said I'd hav eto try different shades in orde rto get the color I want, and said one of the nurses would call me to get stuff set up. They haven't yet. Which is only okay because I don't have the extra money for color contacts yet.

Almost forgot! I'm a member of the Board of Directors of the Harvard Club of Eastern Michigan now. Not that I have time to be taking on much more to do. But I figure it's a good networking opportunity.

Okay, that was more writing than I meant. Going to go back to doing things. There are things I need to do, things I want to do, and then the things I do. I'm going to try to make the third fall into either of the first two more often. You should too.

Oh, quick question I had yesterday, eh, I'll put it in it's own post.



Anonymous Tim (Ryan) said:
Hey you =) ltns.

You going to be at any GenCon this year? maybe?

Thanks for the life-update. Good to hear the good stuff, sympathy on the bad.. You been keeping up with my LJ? (can't recall if you're on the friendslist or not, but if you saw a post yesterday, you are)

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