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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Still New and Shiny?

It's been over a month, and I haven't posted yet about this. I have a new job! I started April 4th. It's wonderful, because it's in Ann Arbor and it's in the Health industry and it's a raise to right about what my skills and experience are worth, and, and :)

The company is called HealthMedia, Inc. They, We develop online tools based on our Doctors' research and recommendations that help people change their behaviors by adapting to each person as an individual to give specific help. I'm finally in a job that helps society, people. *satisfied sigh* And Ann Arbor is beautiful, and I have a window desk on the 3rd floor, right in front of a tree. It's a great package.

I think I mentioned in my last doctor visit post about how one day at my new job and my blood pressure had dropped over 20 points. Just proved to me that I really did need to get out of my last job. I donated blood last weekend, and my blood pressure was down even more. Yay! Heart healthy again.

Which brings me to why I'm actually writing this post. Since my new job is in Ann Arbor, I feel I can safely walk around. I've tried to walk, or rollerblade, or ride a stationary bike, on my own just for the exercise, but was never able to keep it up. In college I walked everywhere, but since then I've had problem. After years I finally realized I need a destination in order to be able to keep exercising, I can't do it simply for the sake of exercising. But since parking in downtown Ann Arbor is expensive, and my Dad lives 9 blocks from my new office, I park at his house and walk to work. It's a 10 to 15 minute walk, depending on how fast I walk. And that's both directions, so I get about 25 minutes of exercise a day now! It's amazing, because I've just felt better overall. Not due to knowing I'm exercising, but I actually feel better, mood wise, each day. I'll get up in the morning, unhappy or grumpy, but by the time I get to the office I'm fine, and by the time I get back to my car after work I'm happy. And I've noticed I've needed less sleep the last few weeks than I normally need. I enjoy the walk, and the music while I walk, yay iPod! Also, since I started just as Spring was coming, it's been a beautiful walk watching the flowers grow and the trees bloom, smelling the smells and seeing the birds and breathing the fresh air. Mmmm, Happy.

After starting at my company, I saw all over these posters with pictures of everyone in the company (at the time the posters were made), and the slogan "I am HMI". I like them. It was easy to see how some, if not most, of the people in the company seem to act healthier than what you think of as average. And it got me thinking. I was already walking everyday now, but that's just basic. So after Easter I decided to swap out the fat free chocolate pudding cup I had each day for lunch with a hard boiled egg. Empty calories for a healthy natural food (I eat at most 1/4th the yolk), and since I love eggs as well as chocolate pudding, if not more, it's been an easy step. Other than having to learn how to hard boil eggs! New thought: I think it's also cheaper, since the pudding come six to a pack and the eggs come 12 to a carton, hm.

However, I've had a problem for a couple weeks of waking up in the morning and thinking or feeling that "I hate my job". But, as I said above, by the end of the day I didn't. So finally I stopped one morning and tried to figure out what was really bothering me. And I realized, of course, that I don't hate my job, I hate how early I have to get up for my job! When I was being hired I asked what core hours are, and was told 9 to 3. So I moved my schedule up so I could be waking up in time to make 9am, even though I am NOT a morning person. I was doing well, most of the time. But recently my team leader set our daily status meetings for 8:45am. *sigh* Even that 15 minutes is proving to be hard. On the other side, I actually start getting tired around 10:30 or 11pm these days, and occasionally I wake up shortly before my 7:30am alarm (Agh!). So my body has mostly adapted to the new schedule. Still, bleh.

So, overall life is good right now. I've been SUPER busy since the end of April, and will continue to be so until the end of May, but most of it is seeing friends and some seeing family. YAY! And somehow I even managed to fit in some cleaning up around the house, the little organization and such tasks that just sit out for months waiting to be taken care of. Just want to add, that I really like having my Roomba which vacuums the living and dining room every Monday, and I still love having the maids come for the kitchen and bathrooms once a month (even if who they send is inconsistent and only one pair has been awesome).

Now and always, it's still the little things. So yes, still new and shiny. :) Ask me again when I'm 30 and in my next early mid-life crisis.



Anonymous tears4deaf_ears said:
Wow Jennifer! I am so happy for you. I am glad to hear that your stress level has diminished and that you are feeling healthier. The new job sounds like a wonderful thing for you. Congrats again! Hopefully we can get together when we both aren't so busy. I have worked every day this week even though I am "parttime" so I haven't been able to call anyone. I hope to hear more good news from you!


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