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Saturday, May 03, 2008

Monthly Blood Party: March

Platelet Donor March (2008) Pin Blood Party Date: March 25th

My Appointment: 02:45 pm

Other Participants:

This month's incentive:
I'll have a girl's party afterwards! Only I didn't. But I got some me time in the middle of the week.

Since I was switching jobs and had two vacation days to take before I left my current one, I was on a little home vacation Monday and Tuesday. And since making appointments in Livonia has gotten ridiculously stupid and hard to do, the ONLY time that fit for them and was still in March was Tuesday afternoon. I tried real hard not to put the donation on my vacation, but oh well.

I got there, and had a new nurse, or was it an old one I hadn't seen in a very long time? Okay, it's early May now and I've forgotten a lot of this, so I'll just try to be short. It was either a new nurse surrounded by nurses I didn't know or hadn't seen in a long time, or Donna was there also in the background. (Turns out her name is Diane! I think... my memory back this far is hazy, but I remember going back in after my donation to get the complain to phone number for a co-donor who was upset about the donation schedule - or lack thereof - too, and asking D and since I was calling her by name I asked what her name actually was!) Anyhoo.

I had I nurse that didn't know me. But she didn't listen to me either. She set the machine WAY to fast, and when I told her I needed to be in the 90-99 minutes range for a good donation, she said that they always start people this low and make adjustments as needed. I tried to warn her, but she wasn't having it. And then, of course, I started setting off the machine, and the needle even vibrated in my arm a few times. Something which hasn't happened in a long while. These things happened more than once because she wouldn't drop the machine to the time range I told her, just incrementally make little changes until we reached there. She could have saved us both some hassle, but no. >:p

Anyway, the donation was fine otherwise. Got out. Had some nice conversation with other donors (whole blood, not who came with me). I've been having good conversations at the recovery table post-donation lately. It's nice.

So I got home, and called to let peoples who were supposed to be coming over know I was ready. They were coming to my house because we knew I wouldn't be able to drive or do much of anything but sit and talk for hours. But it turned out that didn't matter. One of the family's had to cancel because they didn't start doing their errands for the day until shortly before I called... at 5 in the afternoon. *sigh* And the other family then had to cancel because the Mother couldn't drive out here with her baby alone as the baby hadn't been doing well at all in car rides and needed someone sitting next to her. Sad me.

But good for donating! And I had a good/nice vacation otherwise, even if I did a lot more cleaning up and such than I had to and less of the stuff I really wanted to.

I really actually was not bitter. Just temporarily disappointed.

I've got my March pin now :) Almost time to schedule my June Blood Party. Want to come? Let me know!



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