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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Upwardly Mobile

Me: So, how are you?
Emily: I woke up this morning to Tegrim standing, holding on to the side of his crib. He pulled himself up.
Me: YAY!
Me: Good for him!
Emily: He promptly fell sideways when I spoke and startled him, and caught his head on the side of the crib. He's okay, but cranky.
Me: Aww

My Godson is upwardly mobile! Look out world! It's only a matter of time before he's walking now. :)

But this only makes me aware of how little I get to see him, how little I'll see him over his life. We live so far away. :( He's five and just about half months now. I haven't seen him since he was one month. I've missed the first laugh, the first rolling over, the first sounds... a whole lot.

Emily told me last time we talked, I think it was Sunday, that Tegrim loves the CD I made for him. I'm so glad. It's a way for me to be part of his life for now. And knowing that he likes it, and that it's getting played for him, knowing that actually made me very happy.

I remember this one time when I was very young, Mom, (I assume Michael also), and I flew into the Detroit Metro Airport (so I had to be at least eight) and Marianne was there to pick us up. Only I didn't know who this lady was that my mom obviously knew. I still remember distinctly, Mom said to me "you remember Marianne" as if my knowing her was a truth I couldn't have forgotten. And so I immediately "knew", liked, and believed this woman.

Marianne is my Mother's best girl friend, has known my brother and I since he was only a couple weeks old, and is my "favorite Aunt". Over the years, despite only seeing her about three times a year, she became to me what my mother insinuated she was that moment back in the airport, and more. We'd visit her while in MI over Summer break and every other Christmas (maybe even Easters?), and for several years she'd come out with her family to MA in late August. She explained to me things no other adult dared to even think to as I grew up, was always fun and easy to talk to, and let my brother and I think we got away with big stuff when with her. Somewhere along the way I grew to love her as a member of the family. I honestly don't know who my Godparents are, the only people in the pictures of my Baptism are my parents, the minister, my grandparents, and of course myself. But it was always between two people for me: My Aunt Bonnie, who I always wanted Michael and I to go to if anything ever happened to Mom, and Marianne. As I got older, Marianne was the one I'd say was my Godmother, and still do. Even if we don't spend time together now that I live so near....

I'm hoping I get to be like that to Tegrim. Well, I'm already his Godmother, I mean all that other stuff. :)




Anonymous Emily said:
You totally will be, you are already an awesome God mother to Tegrim. *HUGS*

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