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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Monthly Blood Party: January

Platelet Donor January (2007) Pin Blood Party Date: January 20th

My Appointment: 10:00 am

Other Participants:
D.V. - Moral Support

This month's incentive:
We're going out to lunch afterwards.

D.V. wasn't feeling too well, so things were a bit odd in the having someone with me department. And we ended up going to P.F. Chang's instead of the Thai place we were supposed to go to. Sad. Oh well. At least we had some decent talking.

On the donation side, the nurse I got was one I hadn't seen in a while. One of the two "flaky" type nurses. I haven't had problems donating like this time in QUITE a while. Needle vibrating in my arm. The machine alarm going off a bunch. Getting more cold than the heating pad could stave off. The nurse was also having a problem with the blood pressure cuff, it wouldn't hold pressure. She eventually used the special tube scissors to seal the tubes on the cuff so it'd hold air pressure. I made her take the pressure down to 20 though, anything higher was just too tight for the length of time I'd be on the machine. Two nurses also gave me happy hand-warmers for each hand, one two keep in my left hand next to my chest under the blanket. (I donate using my right arm.) Those helped, some. :)

Eventually I realized the underlying cause for the problems I have having. The machine was set too fast. For the last many months I've been donating 2 platelets in 90-99 minutes on the machine (usually closer to 95 or 96 I think). This nurse had me set at 70-something! When she finally got me set at the right level, and the problems subsided. Except my arm, elbow to wrist, got to really hurting towards the end. But I can't move my arm or it could dislodge the needle, or worse, tear the artery. The nurse helped me kinda reposition, and I was able to deal with the discomfort until the end of the donation. Except the nurse ended me early too. Not too much early, only like 2 - 5 minutes. I was up to the 2 platelet minimum, so it didn't really bother me. Just, odd.

Lastly, they didn't have any January pins. *pout* So my calendar isn't complete. They said the January pins were never sent to them. I wonder if some other center got any.

But my nurse from December kept her promise, and there was a December pin waiting for me. Happy. :)

Have to remember to schedule February's donation, even though the pin collecting is over. Wonder if I'll keep up being so stubborn about getting in a donation each month without the pins?



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