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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Monthly Blood Party: February

Platelet Donor February (2008) Pin Blood Party Date: February 10th

My Appointment: 01:00 pm

Other Participants:

This month's incentive:
I'll get to have a Big Boy! Yummy!

I managed to get in on the last Sunday appointment only a few days before due to a cancellation. Woot!

New nurse. I think I've seen her once before, though not in Livonia. I was a little tinsy-bit worried, because of last month, about a nurse who doesn't know my typical donations. Donna was there, I believe she's become my favorite nurse. She knows me by name without the chart now too! She called me by my name before I was even in for check-in and physical and getting the chart out.

Anyway, things went flawlessly! I apparently scared the new nurse when she put the needle in when I sucked in through my teeth to counter the pain, but being a professional she didn't even flinch until after it was in. I checked to make sure the timing on the machine was set right for me, and it was very close. I watched to make sure the blood pressure cuff wasn't put above 20, and she didn't. I had to ask for a blanket, but that was it. She even set me up with a tray right next to me for my book and cookies, and checked if I needed juice near the end of the donation. The only thing that showed she didn't know me as a donor was that right after I was hooked up she asked if I'd need Tums. Used to be I did, but not since switching to platelets only. It was correct of her to ask me, not knowing me. She was great.

Before the donation, on an off chance, I asked Donna if the January pins had come in. They had! She said just a week before. She said they were the January pins for this year, not last, and the February ones were in too. It turns out there's a whole new set of monthly pins for this year! (As you've probably already realized if you've looked at the pictures with this and last month's posts, heh.) Now I have a new collection to work for. Nice. :)

I did get hit with the after effect this time, pretty bad. It lasted well into the evening. Then again, I donated a lot later than usual - I wasn't on the machine until 1:40pm - so perhaps it just seemed later because of that. Jim was very nice and brought me green grapes (I started craving them) and soda (I was out of), because I felt I couldn't be sure of safely going to the grocery store. Fred came along with him, and we had a nice time talking for about half an hour before they had to go.

I've got my January and February pins now :) Almost time to schedule my March Blood Party. Want to come? Let me know!



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