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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Friends Made Me Happy

I've noted many time that I tend to blog more about times I'm not good, than times I am. Of course that's because I'm most in the mood to write when I'm unhappy. But I felt the need to note that my last bought of issues (see "I had been happy" post) turned out to be shorter than me being not unhappy. That round got me motivated on certain things, though with all I've been working on lately I didn't really need more to work on! I've been stable/fine to good/happy since then.

Last Friday, having felt the want and need to be with people on Thursday but putting it off one day so I could get things done I needed to, I tried to get weekend "Cards and Kareoke" party together since Jim wasn't going to be running game due to the new baby. It turned out Saturday was Sacker's birthday party (and I found out last minute, Willy's too!), and Allison, Stephanie, and Mikel Allen all had to work on Friday. I made more attempts (though with half-hearted knowledge that I would be very unlikely to succeed) at a last minute Friday night party, with Lisa being my only line of hope. She said she'd ask around and see who was interested on her side, while I called some other people too. Krysta already had plans for Fright night, of course 'cause it was Friday afternoon already. Don and Daniel were maybes, depending on if a ride/gas money appeared, respectively, and for Daniel if he didn't have to take Kevin to get his van. Kevin has been harder to get a hold of than Jim the last few weeks, he doesn't answer his phone and he doesn't check his messages regularly, so I didn't even try to contact him for a get together a few hours away.

In the end, Lisa arrived about 7:30pm with Jeremy, Don, and Ken! No Rhea, though that turned out to be okay since the party went WAY late. Daniel and Sacker arrived around 1 am, so I let the party go until just after 3:30am, so they'd have time to have a good time. We kareoked, played Uno, made Gingerbread as my snacks and Lisa's chili had run out, then almost watched a movie but the late arrivals showed up so we kareoked again with them. :) It was great. I had much needed time and fun with (good) friends. Ken's good people too.

So I'm happy. Many thanks to Lisa. I'm also happy and excited for some prospects coming up, but that's a different post. Now I just need to keep the friend ball rolling.


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