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Friday, January 11, 2008


The Christmas decoration came down and got packed last Tuesday, or so.

Birthday decorations went up today. I bought balloons for this year too! And some pretty little flowers, I still need to put those out. So the blog needs to be decorated too!

My birthday party is tomorrow. Early this year, but it was the only day of the two weekends surrounding my birthday that Kim, Steve, and the kids could make it. Since they didn't make it to my Halloween party (and weren't going to let me know they weren't coming - not that I'm bitter, heh) and they weren't able to come to my birthday party last year due to scheduling, I wanted to make sure they could come this time. Krysta can't make it though, she has a family birthday party on the same day! Bummer. And poor Allison, I was going to ask her to come early and help me prep, like before. But she had a death in the family this week, and they're going down to take care of arrangements and such this weekend.

I've had a bunch of people say they expect to come. We'll see who turns out!

I already made the cake, as the recipe says it does better on the second day after being in the refrigerator. It's my Nana's recipe for Lemon Cake, YUM! I've never made it before. Since my Nana died, I think only my Aunt Cindy has made it, but it's always been GREAT. Hopefully mine will be too.

I'm gonna try to make some more recipes tomorrow of food I love: Mom's Rice Pealiaf and Nana's Fruit Crisp, plus fruit salad. I also want to set a special birthday rotation of pictures into my new digital photo frame (Mom gave me for Christmas, sweet!).

Scott called this morning to which me a happy birthday, the first I've got! (That I remember.) Even if he got the day of my birth wrong, that's okay it was in the correct direction time wise, and it was nice. Then my first birthday card came today, from my cousin Rich, of course. :)

Welp, got a ton more stuff to do, and a place to be tonight. Have fun! I hope to.


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