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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Monthly Blood Party: September

Apheresis Donor September (2007) Pin Blood Party Date: September 23rd

My Appointment: 10:15 am

Other Participants:

This month's incentive:
I bought myself my new favorite sandwich from take out: A Big Boy.

I wasn't able to find anyone to go with me. Turned out that was okay. Livonia doesn't do whole blood donations on Sundays, only Aphresis! I didn't know that, so if I had someone with me they would have only been able to sit with me.

My first time since women are denied being able to donate Plasma. I asked about being able to do a double Platelet donation. The nurse said it depends on my platelet counts from previous donations. According to the numbers, I was allowed! Turned out, I actually had the count for a triple platelet donation, but they only did a double, seemingly for two reasons. 1) I was assigned as a P2 incorrectly, should have been a P3 according to the nurse who checked me in when she checked on the nurse who was hooking me up. 2) I had not given more than 1 amount of Platelets before, so jumping to three could be cause for concern.

I don't remember much else about this visit. It's been too long and I've had another one since then, so memories get confused (which is why I've been blogging about these between each donation, until now). I do remember that the young waiter at Big Boy was very kind, or thoughtful if you with, and brought me a big cup of water with my sandwich because he saw my "Be Nice To Me I Gave Blood Today" sticker, and probably because he saw me looking not well while waiting for it.

I've got my September pin now :) October was right around the corner. Onward.



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