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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Monthly Blood Party: June

Apheresis Donor June (2007) Pin Blood Party Date: June 16th

My Appointment: 12:15 am

Other Participants:
P.M. - Whole Blood Donor

This month's incentive:
I'll take whomever donates out to lunch.

Got up, got out (10 minutes late), got P.M. and still got back well in time for my appointment. We arrived 15 minutes early, but this time I was brought right in for the mini physical and questionnaire. Then back to the chair and machine. I asked for the heating pad to be turned on, so I wouldn't get so cold like last month. I was hoping due to last time the machine wouldn't try for more than one amount of platelets. And, thankfully it didn't! I asked the nurse, and was told this time we'd be going for one plasma and one platelet. One nurse whose been there the last two times I've done this (I don't remember her name, she is a little darker skinned than me and has blond died hair) told my nurse, who I've not seen there before, that I've had reactions the last two times donating. But this time... was most like my first couple times. The needle vibrated in my arm several times, I set off the machine's alarms a handful of times, they gave me tums for the extra anti-coagulant they had to give me. I also noticed the amount of plasma the machine was going to collect from me was reduced. Still enough for a full plasma donation, but not a large one last the last two times. I had to ask for a blanket (that was at the beginning), but my nurse gave me the hand warmer packet thing on her own.

A nurse I haven't seen the last couple donations, Dot, was there this time, and as my nurse started to get a little "hmm" over all that was going on with me, Dot popped in to say that this was typical for me during a donation. Which was- is true. The nurses also said that I had a lot of platelets when they checked the bag when checking to make sure I'd make it through the donation. So now I'm thinking maybe my big problem last month was not due to me normally having low platelet levels. After all, the machine wouldn't have tried to take two donations worth if I numerically didn't have enough to spare. My nurse determined that my problem this time was likely mild dehydration since I had not had anything to drink before coming to donate other than the milk in my cereal. You know, she might just be right! I need to remember to drink before I go donate next month, and see if it goes smooth like the last two months (until the end that is). I finished out this donation successfully, even got the happy "all done!" music from the machine this month. P.M. called it leveling-up. :)

We went to P.F. Changs afterwards. It was fun talking to P.M., learning about him and becoming better friends.

China Bistro. (The phrase we picked up to randomly said for a while. Each syllable spoken as a word but not slowly, quietly).

I've got my June pin now. :)! Almost time to schedule my July Blood Party. Want to come? Let me know!



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