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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Pre-Blood Parties

Apheresis Donor February (2007) PinApheresis Donor March (2007) Pin

Donation Date: February 3rd

Donation Date: March 10th

I just happened to donate Apheresis in February of this year. My second time ever, if memory serves correctly. Then I received the "Donor News" mailing about the 2007 campaign and its pins, and I wanted in! So I scheduled and went to a donation in March, were I got both my February and March pins. :)

I know one time I went alone, because my companion from the first time I'd done Apheresis wasn't available, and Kim was worried about me going alone based on what had happened that first time. (Not written up yet). But I knew I had at least 15 minutes before I started getting wierd, and since the donation center is literally 1.5 miles from my home I knew I'd make it back in time on my own.

I don't remember if anyone came with me the other time. If you did, tell me!

At first I was sad, a little disappointed, that I had missed January and so wouldn't be able to complete the collection. But the nurse(s) told me both in March and April that the program hadn't actually started in January. And so in order to get the January pin one would have to donate January 2008. YAY! I didn't miss it after all, and I'll be able to get the whole year! Me == happy.



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