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Sunday, June 04, 2006

In Review

So now I understand why people *go away* on vacations. Oye.

I did manage to "take back" my vacation, so to speak, after my last post and a couple hours of sleep that had me feeling better. That is, I salvaged some useful time and some self time. Except for whatever bug has continued to eat me, things haven't been so bad three of the last four days.

Here's what I managed to get done during my vacation, of what I wanted to do:
- Compared paycheck stubs
- Scheduled car's oil change for Monday, and found maintenance isn't needed until next oil change
- Got Jessie and checked out Bicycles, didn't buy one though :(
- Got info on ny TIAA-CREF funds & monthly deductions, moved some %s around, filled out form (still have to get to bank to get an approved signature on it, oh and open a savings account while there for my Furnace Fund.)
- NERO DT website thumbnails on the images pages, and updates
- Bought music I wanted
- Played Kareoke Revolution
- Saw Spiderman II (it was okay)
- Wrote Melody's History
- RPed at Jim's
- Chose charities

I'm planning to go pick up my bedroom and clean well my bathroom today too, as it really is getting to bother me.


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