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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I Love Rain

"I woke last night to the sound of thunder"

... though I don't remember hearing it. I heard the rain though, and I loved it. So much that I didn't mind having been woken up in the middle of the night, and I listened to the lulling melody as I fell back asleep.

Much to my joy, when I woke in the morning it was still storming! Not just raining, hard, but thunder too, and it was neary dark as night. Yay! I love the rain. And in this condo with the sound proofing so good, I rarely hear it. Which tells how hard it was actually raining.

Happy dark, happy sounds.

I stayed home from work today to enjoy the weather. I had work to get done though, and furniture rearraging to do so that I could keep the windows open without anything but the carpets getting soaked. But I managed to get out and play in the rain - jump a few times in a decent sized puddle, feel it on my skin and hair, dance a little, see a lightning bolt - before the storms all passed for good. I also had the window doors open next to my desk the whole time, so I was able to hear it all and see it lots and feel the air the whole time. :)

And in the middle of it all (before I made it outside) I remembered today was the Summer Solstice! It had been at 8:40 something this morning, so I missed the actual Solstice, but I did manage to remember and do a little late welcoming ceremony prayer thing.

A great way for Summer to start: storming! I don't think I'd mind Summer so much if this is how it was most of the time, instead of blindingly bright and horribly hot.

Happy Solstice Everyone!


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