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Sunday, June 04, 2006


It's high time I stop dealing with all the phone solicitors that get annoying. I already stopped dealing with the mail soliciting a few months go. But I do still want to donate to good worthy charities. Especially since I'm not really volunteering for anything currently. I need to be helping other people somehow. I guess I figure since I'm not doing it personally anymore, I should at least be doing it financially. Hopefully that will help make my life feel a little more fulfilling. At least I'd feel a bit more responsible about and thankful for the life I have.

I already give $10 monthly to Amnesty International. Mostly because they asked and made it super easy and I was so impressed by the idea, only some because they do work to help people in "wrong" situations.

But I want my donations to help those in need locally too. So I've chosen the American Red Cross as one charity to regularly donate to, if they can set up charging me monthly as Amnesty does.

I also want my donations to help Earth. This is where I keep getting stumped. Finding a good, reputable charity that works for the environment is hard. The Sierra Club has a bad rep amongst animal rights activists from what I hear. Even the World Wildlife Foundation has some sketchy rumors around it. Anyone have any recommendations for me?

I also think I'm going to try to set up regular donations to the American Diabetes Association. I realized today I have and have had too many friends with diabetes to not at least consider this charity as an option.

If any of the above can't bill my credit card regularly, then possibly UNICEF will be my next choice. Helping children - you know me. But again, it's not one of those charities that tend to work here.

Originally I was only looking for one new charity to donate to, maybe two. One must be Earth/environment centric. Any others get preferences for helping children and for helping locally. But my decisions aren't set in stone. Is there any charity you want to recommend to me?



stormwyvern said:
Try and They should help you see what's out there and how good they are at what they do.


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