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Monday, May 22, 2006

While on Vacation

I'm on vacation next week. YAY! I so need it. And so far, thankfully, I still need it. That may sound weird, but I've been worried that by having to wait a week I'm gonna get through the minor burn out I've been feeling for work. Then again, this morning it was nice - eventhough it was also annoying - to have to go to work, because it gave my poor mind a break from all the roleplaying I did over the weekend. (Three characters! All that had important stuff happen to them.) A bit of a roleplay overload, but I had fun. Especially with the couple hours at the con and then the success of the party I had on Saturday. :)

Overall I feel good (though just a tad tired), like I did after Titan's weekend. Spending alot of my time with friends makes me happy. Since I do have next week off, I'm starting to make plans to hang out with people. If you're in MI next week, let me know if you have time available!

I also have a list of things I want to get to during my vacation:


  • Vacation Plan for August

  • Find Charity(ies) to Regularly Donate to

  • TIAA-CREF Accounts & Monthly Deductions

  • Clean/Scrub Master Bathroom

  • Watch Spiderman II

  • Sleep lots!

  • "What a Difference a Year Makes" by Angel

  • Finish Catrina's History

  • Pick Up Writing At Least One Of My Stories

  • Get Jessi & Buy Bicycle!

  • Car Needs Oil Change (& Maintenance?)

  • Compare Paycheck Stubs...



Sara said:
Additionally "make sure vacation plans for August include a certain wedding".


trekker9er said:
Lol. No worries. My August wedding plans are completely seperate, and pretty much done at this point. Just have to buy my train ticket.

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