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Monday, May 08, 2006

I Need a Vacation

From work.

Last weekend was great. The hotel was awesome, the gaming was fun and occurred most of the time (which is more than I expected, though a little less than I wanted), and it was wonderful being with my friends. It was also nice to have Jim driving with me, and the way home was fun and relaxing 'cause of it.

Which has only made me realize that I *need* a vacation from work. I've been saying for a while I should go on vacation. I've even said the words that I need a vacation, but I meant it in the scheme of life that I need to go on vacation to one of those places I want to see, because I haven't gone *anywhere* other than to see family and friends in two years, and I've only gone somewhere new once in almost five years. And with turning towards reading for a baby ever more present in my life (2 more years max, really?), I should get to at least one of the far off places I want to go before being tied down to home for several years. But this last weekend and then today (I stayed home and worked some, and was bothered by people at work way more than I wanted to be) has helped me realize I need a good vacation. I don't necessarily mean going away on vacation. I mean getting away from work. Relaxing, enjoy the company of friends or new people, not having to wake up at a certain time each morning, and not having to respond to people who have slowly been accumulating annoyance factors in me.

But we have a May 19th deadline. Gr, sigh. I would have taken today off, but I knew it wouldn't have been approved because of the deadline.

I also keep saying that I might just take a week vacation and stay home. Now I know it's not just that I want to, I need to. And I really want to too. I want to stay home, maybe get some things done, get some house work done, and spend lots of time hanging out with friends.

But I need to count my vacation days. I'm pretty sure I don't have enough time to do both vacations this year, the stay home a week and the trip out to the rain forest in Washington state. Ppppptttthhhh.

Then there's the whole job discussion which could change my vacation possibilities, which I've refrained from posting about partially because I don't know if anyone from work actually reads this.


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