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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

From Last Night's Dream

NERO dreaming last night. It's the very end I want to post about.

Two of the women in a group of "refugees", turned out to speak not only in unison with each other, but also much in song. When I asked something like "What about you?" they started humming a couple notes while doing a little dance move with their hands, all in sync with each other. Then they broke into rhyming song, the first one I now forget. It was only about two lines long, and had to do with getting settled after seeing that others had beans in their pots (or was it buns in their ovens?), with which they pointed to their own stomachs and for a moment it could be seen they were pregnant. Then they ended with, speaking together, not singing though:

"Like you. You should get pregnant."

"How do you do that?" was my character's reply. (She was sincere in the question. It's a long story that starts with her waking up without any memories.)

For a fleeting second I thought they'd be stumped, and/or fall out of talking in unison, because it was clear their song and speaking had been planned and rehearsed. Yet without missing a beat, they sang together:

"Find a man out there you consider your main squeeze.
Sit down on a stool and put your hands upon your knees.
Give to him a message not by sound, but sight and thought.
Sending him the thought you accident-ly thought a lot."


The mind is an amazing thing.

Though I suppose the credit this time goes to the subconscious mind. Rhyming so much on the spot! I love it. I tried to hold onto the song between the moment I woke up and starting to write this. As I mentioned above, I lost the first song. I also lost parts of this second one. But I think I filled in with words close enough, if not completely right.

If I find a way to explain the tune they sang to I'll post that too, so you can get a better idea of what it sounded like.


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