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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Run Over by a Truck
Beat Up by a Train

So, my weekend was really nice! Taking the train to and from MA was relaxing and made the pace of life seem slower, easier. It was great spending Easter with Mom and Michael. I enjoyed most of it.

For the way home I had bought a ticket for a sleeper car, because the deal was I got Monday off if I work 10 hours a day for the rest of the week and I wanted to get enough sleep so I could work well on Tuesday. They call it a Viewliner Roomette. My first thought when I stepped in to it was "closet". But eventually I decided it was cute. Roomy enough for one person, though it claims to fit two, but it didn't look to me like that would be comfortably. There were lots of gagets to play with, and a bed that descended from the ceiling! I didn't use that one though, the two wide chairs folded down into a bed.

Anyway, that night I got beat up by the train. We think they were trying to make up time because the train was running late. So throughout the night when the train was moving so fast, occasionally the cars would rock hard. Which is when I'd roll into a wall. I think every time I woke up, but there were 3 or maybe 4 hours where I didn't wake up at all. Either the train was moving normally during that time, or I was just too tired. Whatever the reason, the next day I was in pain in weird places, places that climbing that huge hill to my mother's house wouldn't have caused (my calves hurt too, which would be from all the climbing). I finally realized my problem was that I had been beat up by the train!

As for being run over by a truck.... That's a story dealing with climbing that hill, losing my Easter hat into the street due to the wind, my brother jumping down a stone wall to grab it before a car came, and then us joking about me being lucky a truck hadn't run over it - it being flattened, me attempting to save it and wear it anyway, the truck having left tire marks across it which would cause me to tell people that I'd been run over by a truck!


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