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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Looking forward to my Easter basket

Yes, I'm 27. And yes, I'm still expecting an Easter basket from my Mother tomorrow.

Every year Michael and I get Easter baskets from Mom. Last year, for first time in many many years, I did not spend Easter with Mom. And yet, in the mail arrived in time an Easter basket! She had bought a shallow purple oval basket whose handles folded down, put in a Godiva chocolate bunny (there's always a chocolate bunny of one variety or another in our Easter baskets), a couple Cadbury Cream Eggs (my favorite Easter candy!), a $10 bill, and a note explaining the money was to be used to fill the rest of the basket properly. Michael had one mailed to him as well. Our Mom is great.

This year it was a last minute decision for me to be heading back to MA to spend Easter with Mom and Michael. And still, I expect an Easter basket.

Last weekend my Dad's side of the family did Easter. We had eggs hunts in my Aunt Bonnie's yard, as is traditional in the family. In the afternoon we had Easter dinner, which was large and yummy. There was lots of stuff for my to eat this year because for the first year I wasn't the only one with a somewhat peculiar diet, and what my Aunt Cindy was allowed to eat overlapped with what I eat, so we were both thought of when the menu was planned. After dinner, people hung out. And at one point my Aunt Bonnie handed out Easter baskets to her children. I watched at least part of each of them opening their baskets, though it wasn't a family at large thing so I also let them be with their immediate family moments. What struck me at the time, was her two oldest getting Easter baskets even though they don't live at home any more. Even though they are 22 and 23 (I think) years old. Even though one is a wife and mother in her own right! At first it seemed weird, not quite wrong, but still just kinda out of place. Then I realized I was being silly. It was nice to know other families were keeping Easter baskets alive, even to that age.

And now it's comforting to know that Mothers, at least Mothers in my family, don't even give a thought to letting go of such traditions. No matter how old their children are.




Anonymous said:
So what did you get in your easter basket? =)


trekker9er said:
I got a yummy Godiva milk chocolate bunny, a couple other pieces of chocolate, a neat Lego salt and pepper shaker set, and a deck of Lego playing cards. Very cool!

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