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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Christmas is officially over.

Yup, Christmas is officially over. I took down the fabric tree wall decoration today.

I also took down the outdoor lights, and all the indoor decorations except the Cresh (sp?) and the Tree. Most of them are currently sprawled out on my floor, heh. My place looks pretty tore up, but it was all cleaned and nice except for my bedroom before Christmas. Now my bedroom is mostly clean while the rest of the place is messy, because I'm trying to get my bedroom ready for a new dresser and I'm trying to get all the holiday things packed up.

Christmas and the other holidays were good. I got away from work for a couple minutes for the Solstice, and got to make a snow angel for the first time this season!

Mom loved all I did to prep. Yay! The decorations came out looking well, nice like I wanted. The guest bathroom was done up cute, even though I couldn't find a Christmas toilet seat cover I liked nor a Christmas bath mat at all. Turning the bed in the guest bedroom really opened it up, and putting one of the small dressers in there made it nicer. I took down most of my nicknacks and replaced everything in the display cabinet with Christmas things. I took pictures of everything (I think), oh except for the minor kitchen changes. They should be up at some point!

We saw a lot of family, which was fun most of the time. Mom got to see her grand-nephews, meet my granddaughter and her sister and her father for the first time, spend a lot of time with her brother and his family, and have a girls night sleep over party thing with two of her good friends. I'm so glad Mom enjoyed Christmastime at my house so much. It means I didn't take away anything from Christmas by it being at my place because I wouldn't fly. And it means there's hope for me being able to host again in the future. I'm sure part of the reason Mom had a good time was she didn't have to worry about all the details this year.

It was just so much easier and nicer and less stressful for me too. Odd, since hosting usually means having the hardest time. Oh there was a lot more work for me before hand shopping and setting up and trying to get everything ready in time. But during the 10-11 days Mom and Michael were here it was so much better than I remember last year being. Not the week I spent in Mass, which was busy for me but otherwise not really stressful, but the week after Christmas when they came here and I went on overload even though I had nothing out of the ordinary to do for them being here. Somehow hosting Christmas made me happy. And even though there was more packing in of family, and having to work, there wasn't near the amount of stress and annoyance as last year. And almost no family overload!

My goddaughter and I got some time alone to sit and enjoy the scenery. I sang carols and a couple other songs to her, she "joined in" a couple times, and we talked some. My goddaughter is 10 months old now. :) The only word she knows is Da-Da, but she's working on consonants, and really thinks she's singing along.

But, yes, Christmas (and New Years) is officially over. The moment I took the fabric Christmas tree wall decoration was the moment I felt it. The same item that I put up first for Christmas. Which is likely why it marked the end. I think I will make that a tradition.

I hope people had happy holidays and are turning towards a bright looking year.


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