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Sunday, February 20, 2005

 Story Time: Birth Stories

Here's the story of my birth as I like to tell it. After this is the story of my brother's birth as I remember it being related to me.


My Mother had an Aunt who's first name was Hester. She was born January 15th. My Mother's sister's first name is Hester. She was born January 15th. When my Mother was pregnant with me, the doctors decided my due date was January 17th. The Hesters said no! I was going to be born on the 15th, I was going to be the next generation! And so MADE my Mother promise if I was born on the 15th she would name me Hester. Ew!

Well, Mom went into labor on January 15th, in the afternoon I believe. And, of course, Hester supporters were ecstatic. They said see how they were right? And therefore I was going to be named Hester. Now I figure I must have heard that, and went "You're going to name me WHAT? Oh I don't think so!"

Mom was in labor for many hours. She was dilating just fine, but otherwise things weren't going as they should and no one knew why. She was rushed to x-ray so they could see if something was wrong with me. After waiting a while, she was told that someone had messed up (or lost, I don't remember which) the x-ray results and so she had to have another taken. And again she was rushed to x-ray, all the while in full out labor. Mom made mention of seeing a young girl in the waiting area as she was wheeled by, and wondering what the girl must have thought on seeing and hearing a pregnant woman clearly in pain being whisked around.

Well, the x-ray showed that I was backwards. I wasn't breech, as in feet down. No, I had my head down, but I was upside-down. Instead of my spine being on the same side as Mom's spine I was on my stomach. The problem with that is I was trying to get out the way every baby does, by pushing with the back of my head and following that. But every time I did that, I was pushing against Mom's pelvis instead of down the birth canal. Hence her being in so much pain. And you know me, I'm so stubborn, I have to do everything MY way, so I wasn't giving up on trying to get out like that.

Apparently no one in the birthing room knew what to do about this situation. And no one in the hospital "had the qualifications" to attempt to fix the situation. (Something about liability.) So the head of the hospital's Obstetrician department was paged. It turned out he had been on the golf course at the time. He arrived at Mom's room still in his suit. I am told he put on One glove, reached in, turned my head, and out I came!

I was born at 10:28 am, EST, on January 16th, 1979.

After I was born, when Mom was brought back to her room by the nurse(s) they found my father asleep on Mom's bed, after having eaten her Jello.


They way my Mother tells it: She and Dad were in a bowling league that winter, and the night before he was born she bowled the best game of her life. She said he was the perfect counterweight to the ball on the back swing. And I would think the big stomach would have forced her arm to stay swinging in a straight line.

That night, Mom woke up with contractions. She woke Dad up and told him she was in labor. They proceeded to have a three (or however long) hour fight about whether or not she was actually in labor or if it was false labor, and why didn't she go to the hospital and if it was real call him and then he would come. The fight ended when Mom's water broke. Dad took her to the hospital.

One there, Michael was out in under five hours! Mom used to say that Michael was born running and never stopped.

However, when Michael was born he didn't have a name. See Mom wanted her son to be a Junior. Dad did not. Neither did his side of the family. On my mother's side there was not only a Junior but a III. Dad and his family offers multiple other suggestions, such as switching my father's first and middle names for my brother. Mom refused.

Eventually, as in days later, a nurse came in and said that they Had to put a name on the birth certificate. I think there was also something about not releasing him until he had a name (but I could be making that part up). So Mom and Dad agreed to flip a coin. Mom won. And that is why my brother is a Junior, even though he is known by his middle name.



Erin said:
Thank god you werent born on the 15th i would rather not imagine how bad that name would have been made fun of in school when you were growing up!
*Twitches* Im glad you had the determination not to be named hester lol.


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